Witnesses recall UFO that landed in Colorado

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Something strange visited the southwest side of Colorado Springs one summer night 28 years ago.

The Sun had gone down that evening in 1992 when Ellen Booth, who was alone in her house at the time, saw a very bright light cut into the darkness outside – illuminating the surrounding area.

While she didn\’t think too much of it at the time and retired to bed shortly afterwards, a series of intriguing discoveries over the next few days would add major significance to her sighting.

The following day, Ellen\’s husband Larry returned home and had been hiking through the countryside nearby when he came across a large circle of burned grass approximately 20ft across.

After telling his wife, she recounted the light she had seen the previous night. Something, it seemed, had landed on the property and she was not the only one to have encountered it.

The couple asked around the local area and found that several neighbors, as well as a lone camper who had been in the vicinity at the time, had also witnessed the mysterious light.

What’s more, one of the neighbors had discovered that three of their cattle had been mutilated. They also reported finding three charred black circles on their property.

The Booths reportedly took photographs of the black circle that they found, however the images were destroyed in a fire some years later. They recalled that nothing would grow in the circle for a long time.

“Something landed,” Larry told The Gazette. “Since nothing grew around there, it had to be some kind of strange radiation. Something landed, and you have to decide.”

“It was either the United States government that did something. It was another country that did something. Or it was a flying saucer from some other planet. It has to be one of the three.”


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