Chilling UFO encounter revisited 50 years on

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On Sept 1st, 1969, the Reed family had an experience that would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Thom Reed, who was only nine at the time, had been in the car with his younger brother, his mother and his grandmother when they took a shortcut home over the Sheffield Bridge in Massachusetts.

The time was 8:30pm – and that\’s when things started to take a very strange turn.

“There was light coming through the bottom boards of the bridge,” said Reed. “As we left the bridge and came out the other side we saw what looked like a self-contained sphere of white light and as it rose up maybe two stories there were some rods of light.”

“They fired several thin directional laser-like poles of light from one side to the other.”

The family recalled seeing a second sphere off to the right, then a turtle shell-shaped disk hovering over the nearby fields – with all three objects sitting in a triangular formation around the car.

“At that point everything felt odd to us,” said Reed.

“It was almost like being underwater and as the car slowed – you know the tapping sound you get from being in a pool – the sound was stones tapping under the fender of the car.”

Next thing they knew, three hours had mysteriously passed and nobody could remember anything about what had happened during that time save for vague visions of an ‘aircraft hangar’.

Weirder still was the fact that Reed’s mother and grandmother had switched places in the front seats of the car, with his grandmother now sitting in the driver’s seat despite not knowing how to drive.

The encounter was one of several to have occurred across the Berkshire region that night.

The story was covered in one of the episodes of the new Netflix reboot of Unsolved Mysteries.

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