Oval Glowing UFO Shoots Over Dallas, Texas March 7, 2022, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Chưa phân loại

Now this is some fast and short footage, but…it is raw footage and that beats the alternative, no footage at all. I looked at it again and again, trying to see any detail of the craft that would stand out. However I found no wings, no aircraft lights, drone lights, tails or any sign of it being a normal aircraft. It’s has a shape like that of an egg…an oval. Its speed is that of a jet…but too slow to be a meteor. Very awesome catch. And over Dallas, Texas…a UFO hotspot.

Eyewitness states:


Soo the night before last, my sister and I saw a UFO. No big deal… 🛸It was actually crazy. I couldn’t get my camera out on time and my sis was too stunned to be useful 😄 It had started out from the horizon in front of us on other side of the sky before zooming to where u see it here. Then, it just disappeared behind clouds and never reemerged. It was actually bigger, brighter, faster, and had more lights than you can see here


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