Will the MoD relaunch the UK’s UFO desk ?

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There are early signs that the UK’s Ministry of Defense may be planning to relaunch its UFO division.

Discontinued back in 2009, the MoD’s UFO desk, which was at one point headed up by UFO researcher Nick Pope, actively investigated cases of unidentified flying objects for over 60 years.

Now though, following recent revelations concerning strange objects off the coast of the United States, it looks as though the MoD may be looking to rekindle its investigations into the phenomenon.

Such a decision may ultimately hinge on the upcoming report from the Director of National Intelligence regarding UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) in US airspace.

“I think that if there was enough evidence to suggest that there was something, and that we needed to do it as well as the US, then of course we’d think about it,” a source told The Telegraph.

“There’s all sorts of things that we wouldn’t rule out, and this would certainly be one of them.”

As things stand, it remains unclear exactly what will be in the highly anticipated report, however it is likely to mention the peculiar objects often sighted by US Navy fighter pilots off the US east coast.

“The Department of Defense takes reports of incursions into our airspace – by any aircraft, identified or unidentified – very seriously, and investigates each one,” said Sue Gough of the US Department of Defense.

“As we collect additional data, we expect to close the gap between identified and unidentified and avoid strategic surprise regarding adversary technology.”

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