Mount Shasta cloud photo sparks UFO rumors

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This distinctive disc-shaped cloud formation was recently photographed by a worker in the Cascade Mountains.

Appearing as a bright orange disc in an otherwise pristine morning sky, this remarkable weather phenomenon certainly raised a few eyebrows when it appeared on February 13th.

The spectacle soon became a topic of discussion after a photograph taken by Shasta-McCloud Management Unit Fire Management Officer Paul Zerr was posted up on Facebook.

While some users claimed that it could be a U̳F̳O̳, the phenomenon is in fact a lenticular cloud.

“Lenticular clouds are stationary clouds that are shaped like a lens and normally develop on the downwind side of a mountain or mountain range,” the US Forest Service wrote.

“They are most common during the winter months and Mt. Shasta is one of the places to spot them in the state and perhaps the country.”

The image serves as another example of how something as simple as a cloud can be mistaken for something anomalous with lenticular clouds in particular being among the most commonly misidentified.

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