Is this the best time to look for UFOs ?

Chưa phân loại
Low pollution levels and fewer aircraft during lockdown could make this an ideal opportunity to go sky-watching.

In many parts of the world, the usual patchwork of crisscrossing contrails covering the sky has been replaced with a clear blue emptiness – the perfect conditions, some have argued, for venturing out into your garden, grabbing a camera, and looking towards the heavens for anything anomalous.

The reduction in air pollution has also made it possible to see objects in the sky over a much longer distance than would normally be possible.

“This is an excellent time for sky-watching,” said former MoD UFO investigator Nick Pope.

“Because so many UFO sightings turn out to be misidentifications of aircraft or aircraft lights, the massive reduction in flying has cleared the skies, leaving people better able to search for the source.”

While there have been larger numbers of sightings in some areas than in others over the years – the so-called UFO ‘hotspots’ – it is still viable to look to the skies just about anywhere.

“There’s no easy answer to the question of UFO hotspots,” said Pope. “It’s a complex mix, where one has to take account of total population, population density, light pollution, proximity to flight paths and military bases and a whole host of other factors.”

“The media plays a big part too. Sometimes, if a local newspaper runs a story about a UFO sighting, they’ll end with a request for other witnesses to contact the newsdesk.”

Suffice to say, if you do see anything unusual in the sky, please let us know in the comments below.

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