Airline pilot films ‘foo fighter’ UFO over Pakistan

Chưa phân loại
A short clip of a strange orb-shaped object filmed from the cockpit of a passenger jet has recently gone viral.

The unidentified object, which was snapped by the crew of a Pakistan International Airlines flight between Multan and Sahiwal, was captured on camera back on January 23rd.

The pilot – Captain Faisal Qureshi – later recalled that the object was surrounded by a metallic ring and emitted a bright light at its center. On the footage, it appears as a stationary white orb.

The story was quickly picked up by local news stations in the region.

“It was necessary to inform the public and the media about it,” said PIA spokesperson Abdullah Khan. When asked what he thought it was however, he declined to speculate.

The object has since been likened to a ‘foo fighter’ – a category of unidentified flying object spotted by pilots during Word War 2. No definitive explanation for the phenomenon was ever found.

Some have speculated that the object over Pakistan could have been a weather balloon, however crew members who witnessed it first-hand remain adamant that it was something more.

You can check out the footage for yourself below.


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