Mystery object filmed in the skies over Wichita

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Kansas residents reported seeing a vivid white object moving across the sky before disappearing.

Wichita became the focal point of an unexpected mass UFO sighting on Thursday after hundreds of people took to social media to report seeing something unusual in the sky.

Photographs and video clips of the anomalous object indicated that it was a long, white craft of some kind, however so far no conclusive explanation has been forthcoming.

One of the most widely distributed videos of the UFO was recorded by Mike Marler.

“So I’m driving back to work coming home from lunch, and I noticed something in the sky really bright,” he said. “It was surprising because we live in Wichita. We see airplanes all the time.”

“We’re near the airport. But it was definitely different.”

While some have suggested that the object could have been an advertisement plane, Marler remains unconvinced, especially due to the peculiarities of its appearance and behavior.

“The rumors that it was an Arby’s advertisement plane, which, you know, logic would point to that,” he said. “But it was really fast-moving, it was really bright and vivid, and then it just disappeared.”

A news report featuring the footage can be viewed – here.

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