Astronomer weighs in on US Navy UFOs debate

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With the government’s UFO report expected any day now, just how likely is it to be a game changer ?

Earlier this month we heard rumors from high-ranking officials that the US government’s upcoming UFO report had seemingly confirmed the presence of unidentified aerial phenomena.

As we wait for the public release of the report however, several experts – including astronomers – have been weighing in with their views on what it is we can expect to see.

One of these is Nick Suntzeff from Texas A&M University – a decades-long veteran in space research who recently talked about the subject at length for a recent article.

“I have no idea what the report will say, but I doubt they have any evidence where a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, previously called a UFO) is clearly resolved,” he said.

“For starters, have you ever noticed that UAP images and videos are usually out of focus?”

Suntzeff argues that the US Navy pilot videos we’ve seen in recent years could have alternative, conventional explanations and are not necessarily conclusive evidence of UFOs.

“In one video, a pilot said the UFO resembled a large Tic Tac mint and that it was defying the laws of physics over the ocean and moving fast,” he said.

“The problem here is that we don’t know how far away it was. If it was high above the ocean, then the apparent motion is likely due to the airplane and not the object.”

“I can’t rule out we have visitors from other planets. But we need clear evidence. We need a clear photo, for instance. So far, we do not have such evidence.”

On the topic of whether or not the US government has access to UFO crash debris, he added:

“If they do, this is the best kept secret ever. Our government is not great at keeping secrets, and this one would be a doozy. No, I don’t believe there is any physical evidence.”

“I don’t think intelligent civilizations could travel the thousands of light years to the earth, and then crash their spacecraft. If they can travel that distance, I seriously doubt they would be this careless.”

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