Avi Loeb on finding evidence of alien life

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Astrophysicist Avi Loeb has long advocated in favor of scientific investigation into the UFO phenomenon.

Harvard University’s Avi Loeb is a name that has become increasingly familiar in recent years thanks to his involvement in efforts to find verifiable evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

His latest endeavour – the Galileo Project – aims to look for alien technosignatures – evidence of sophisticated extraterrestrial technology far out in space.

In a recent interview with Arun Rath of Boston’s GBH Radio, he provided additional insight into this, as well as the recently released Pentagon report on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs).

“So if we examine new data on the sky and find a mundane explanation to all these UAP – unidentified aerial phenomena – so be it,” he said. “We learn something new.”

“There must be some exotic phenomena taking place in our atmosphere. The only way we don’t learn something new is if we say: business as usual, let’s ignore it and we ridicule anyone that tries to suggest that we should get more evidence.”

On the topic of the Pentagon’s UFO report, he added:

“Well, unfortunately, the data that was released to the public is not of high-enough quality. You know, it was obtained in a jittery camera that was in the cockpit of a fighter jet. And that’s not the kind of data you can use for a scientific investigation because you don’t have full control over your experimental setup. And in science, you cannot rely on eyewitness testimonies.”

“What you need is instruments that the record quantitative data that you analyze, and that’s what we plan to get. Rather than rely on past testimonies or past reports that do not stand up to the scrutiny of modern science, let’s just get the data and figure it out.”

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