4 thoughts on “Chào tất cả mọi người!

  1. Hello! I’am using this foreign language comment section to bring up a significant date that is coming up in human history specifically December 13th of this month! It is a date not only for Raelians to recognize but people in general who would like a peaceful first contact between us and ET’s.That scenario happened in 1973 between the prophet Rael and our ET creators the Elohim! I consider that date to be holy and although the depiction of such a event was created because of the movie Star Trek:First Contact.It was not because we learned how to travel faster than light but for another reason humanity is at a point now where it deserves to know the truth about its origins and the Elohim potential that is within every human on Earth.To celebrate this time I will watch the 2001 movie and the sequel if I have the time.May this date be one of non-violence and unconditional love for all non-Raelians alike and for the ET races already amongst us on Earth!

  2. Hello! Its gone from celebrating first contact day on this December 13th to recognizing first contact month.I look forward to the next encounter in the future as do many others including Raelians!

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